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 Accessible Dance Medicine for Improved Wellness and Enhanced Artistry

Dancer Focused

Dance places unique stresses on the body creating unique health needs. Many dancers face restricted access to healthcare and wellness services due to training and rehearsal schedules, finding providers with specialized knowledge in dance medicine, and financial constraints.

Knowledge & Services

Carolina Dancer Wellness is a non profit organization that serves the dancer community through low cost or no-cost on-site educational, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation programs.

Complete Wellness

Because complete dancer wellness is a priority, we also provide an interdisciplinary network of healthcare professionals and offer financial assistance for healthcare needs..

Want to support our mission?

Your donation helps sponsor educational programs, promotes research, and defrays the cost of medical expenses for dancers with financial need.

About Us

Carolina Dancer Wellness is a non-profit organization that serves the dance community through low- or no-cost on-site educational programs, health and wellness services, and injury research projects.

Our mission is to deliver accessible, high-quality programs based on the latest developments in the field of dance medicine to the artist athletes we serve. To support a comprehensive approach, we have established an interdisciplinary network of local healthcare professionals and community partners.


Our educational programs provide accessible, practical information to improve performance and promote wellness in the dance community.


 We offer on-site lectures covering a variety of subjects ranging from injury prevention to the physics of dance technique. Lectures can be designed for specific age ranges or dance populations. Click below for a list of recent lecture topics. LECTURES


Designed to satisfy high school science requirements, this online class in Anatomy and Physiology for Dancers helps develop a better understanding of how the body functions and applies practical knowledge to dance movements. Coming in Fall 2019 

Resource Library

Comprised of digital and print resources, our library focuses on a variety of topics including dance medicine, exercise science, movement theory, dance history, yoga/pilates, and more. Click below to see our catalog. CATALOG

Health & Wellness

In addition to injury prevention and recovery, our wellness services focus on improving dancers’ overall health and fitness to help them preform their best.

Injury Research  

Our injury tracking project is a research initiative designed to gather data about various factors contributing to local dance injuries and identify trends. This analysis will ultimately be used to design improved training strategies and injury prevention programs. .


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