New Patient Information

Our physical therapists are specialists in dance medicine and understand the demands placed on a dancer’s body.  They are uniquely equipped to observe, diagnose, and treat current injuries as well as identify compensation patterns and technique deficits that may lead to future injury. 

Our goal is not simply to rehabilitate dancers, but to ensure that they return to dance stronger than before.



We are happy to meet the needs of new patients!   

Below you should find answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please contact us at

Schedule and Paperwork

Scheduling your appointment is easy and can be done online through the scheduler linked below.  A one-time patient registration must be completed in order to finalize your appointment.  This can be done through the link below or using the link in your new patient welcome packet that will arrive via email.

Patients attending in-office appointments can bring the paperwork to their first appointment or return it via email.  For patients attending in-studio appointments, we will schedule a brief, 10-15 minute, virtual meeting to review these forms.  For minor patients in residential programs, we must have a HIPAA/Consent to Treat form signed by a parent or guardian prior to the appointment. 

Insurance and Self-Pay Options

We accept most major insurance plans.  A review of your specific coverage will be available after completion of the new patient paperwork in the welcome packet.   

For patients who opt to pay out of pocket we offer appointments on an individual basis or as part of a discounted 10-visit package.  Contact us or visit the “Purchase” page of the website for more details.

COVID-19 Precautions

All patients should fill out the COVID-19 Screening Form online prior to attending every appointment.  To reduce overlapping patient contact, we ask that you please text from your car when you arrive.  We will reply when we have received your forms and your treatment room is available.