Pre-Season Screening

Designed for high-level adolescent dancers, the Student Dancer Pre-Season Screen evaluates overall health, muscular strength and flexibility, core strength, balance, aerobic fitness, and proper implementation of dance technique.

The screen takes 40 minutes to complete and is administered by specially trained health care professionals. After assessment, each dancer will receive an individualized injury prevention program specifically targeted at the muscle weaknesses or imbalances, technique modifications, and movement compensations that may lead to injury. The screen will also provide objective measurements of a dancer’s ability, helping dancers and health care professionals track their development from year to year.

The screen can be performed at the dance studio before or can be scheduled as an office appointment. The fee is $35 and can be paid online or at the time of screening. Since all information obtained by the screen is considered private health information and is protected by HIPAA, it will be shared only with the dancer and his/her guardians.


This information will not be used to influence class placement or casting decisions.


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