Fitness and Training

Going Beyond Technique Class


The demands on a dancer today are far greater than they were even 20 years ago.  For this reason, a dancer’s training methods have to evolve to meet the demands of the more athletic dance world.

Our fitness and training programs are designed to supplement technique class and include elements of Pilates, PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique), Gyrokinesis, cardio, strength/conditioning, plyometrics, balance, and flexibility training.  We also take into consideration the different metabolic needs of dancers at different stages of growth from pre-adolescence through adulthood and design our programs using principles of periodization to optimize training results.

Research in dance medicine has shown that incorporating this type of training not only reduces the rate of injury but also enhances regular dance classes by giving the dancer a stronger foundation from which they can better apply correct dance technique and express artistry in their movements. 

We offer two primary types of training:  general Fitness Training and a Targeted Training Program.  The Fitness Training focuses on the many different areas of global dancer fitness.  The Targeted Training Program is offered over the course of 6 or 8 weeks and focuses on working to achieve a dancer’s individual goals, such as higher jumps, better turns, or improved extensions.  Both of these can be offered as private or semi-private sessions.


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