This screen is an annual assessment that evaluates overall health, muscular strength, flexibility, core strength, balance, aerobic fitness, power endurance, and proper implementation of dance technique.  With two levels, a junior and a senior pre-professional screen, this tool provides objective measurements of a dancer's ability which allows dancers and health care professionals track their development from year to year.  This can identify potential problem areas before they develop into injuries or significant musculoskeletal conditions.  

After the assessment is completed, each dancer will receive a summary of the findings as well as a customized injury prevention program to address their individual needs.  

Each screen takes about 40 minutes to complete is administered by our dance medicine team.  Dancers should plan on wearing shorts, tights, or dancewear that allows their legs to be seen.

Since all information obtained by the screen is considered private health information and is protected by HIPAA, it will be shared only with the dancer.  This information is not shared with studio or dance company staff and will not influence casting decisions or class placement.

Some pre-professional dancers may be eligible for training optimization analysis.  This program helps dancers and their instructors customize and adapt their training to optimize training periods and avoid over-use injuries.  (Click here to learn more.)

The cost of the screen is $65.  
Financial assistance is available upon request.
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