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Durham Office Update

Due to recent flooding that has caused the building to need significant renovations, our Durham office will be closed starting October 2023. Stay tuned for re-opening updates. All Durham clients are welcome in our Cary office.

About Us

Carolina Dancer Wellness is a non-profit organization that serves the dance community through specialized health and wellness services, educational programs, and research projects. 


Our mission is to deliver accessible, high-quality programs based on the latest developments in the field of dance medicine in our offices, on-site at studios or backstage, and through virtual meetings.

To support a comprehensive approach to the artist athletes we serve, we have established an interdisciplinary network of local healthcare professionals and community partners.


How Can We Help You?

Click to learn more about the services offered for the following:

Our Services


This is our largest and busiest division and includes:

●  Physical Therapy   
●  Training Optimization/
     Wellness Tracking   
●  Nutrition Counseling
●  Performance Training   
●  Injury Prevention Screens 
●  Pilates/Fitness

Our educational division provides material for dancers, studio staff, and parents including:

●  Lectures   
●  Resource Library  
●  Roundtable Panel      
●  Anatomy Class For Dancers 
     (High School Level)

●  Nutrition Classes

Our current primary research initiative is focused on injury tracking in pre-professional male dancers in an effort to reduce overall injury rates.  

Several additional dance medicine research projects  are in various stages of development and publication. 

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