Injury Prevention Screens

The Pre-Season Injury Prevention Screen is an annual assessment that evaluates overall health, physical abilities, and proper implementation of dance technique in order to identify and address potential problem areas before they become full-blown injuries.


Different screens are available for dancers ranging from those at the professional level to intermediate level student /recreational dancers.

Injury Prevention Screen FAQs

What exactly does the screen look at?

The screen evaluates general health, muscular strength, flexibility, core strength, balance, aerobic fitness, power endurance, and proper implementation of dance technique.  

What are the benefits of the screen?

The screen can help identify potential problem areas and help a dancer correct them before they become injuries.   Each dancer is given a summary of the findings as well as a customized injury prevention program to address their individual needs.

Repeated annually, the screen can monitor the growth trends of a dancer over time to ensure normal development and monitor any areas of concern.

How long does the screen take?

The screen takes about 40 minutes from beginning to end.

What should I wear to the screen?

Please wear shorts or dancewear that allows your legs to be seen.

Will this information be shared with my company/studio or impact casting or class placement?

Since all information obtained by the screen is considered private health information and is protected by HIPAA, it will be shared only with the dancer.  This information is not shared with studio or dance company staff and will not  influence casting decisions or class placement.

How much does it cost?

The student/recreational dancer screen is $45
The professional and pre-professional screens are $65 

Financial assistance is available upon request. 
Email for more information.

Where is the screen performed?

Individual screens can also be performed in the office at any time of year.  Pre-season screening events are scheduled in our offices each fall. 

Additional screening events are also scheduled on-site at local studios.  Contact your studio for their schedule or email us to set screens up at your studio.

Will a screen help treat an injury?

The screen is designed as an overall assessment whereas injury treatment is a focused look at an individual problem.  The screen can help you determine if a pain you have been experiencing needs to be evaluated by a physical therapist.  It can also help identify other underlying causes of injury such as nutrition, workload, or other health condition and provide guidance and/or referrals.