Professional Dancers

Our team members understand the multitude of demands on the professional dancer.  The special considerations have been made with the services listed below that takes into consideration the unique demands on a dancer's body as well as their time.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists focus on techniques and exercise progressions that dancers can perform independently, maximizing use of their time and resources. We can also check in remotely via virtual appointments.


Injury Prevention Screens

Performed annually and backed by dance medicine research, this screen has been shown to quickly identify and correct technical flaws and muscle imbalances before they turn into injury.


Resident and Touring Company Services

Physical therapy, screening, and wellness services are available on-site, in-office, or backstage for touring companies. For more information, contact


Fitness and Training

Training sessions can be either general conditioning or targeted for particular performance requirements/ choreography.  Programs are tailored to be performed where you need them: at home, in a gym or studio, or on the road.


Health Tracker/

Training Optimization

By applying principles of tapering and periodization to training schedules and monitoring trends in health status we ensure that dancers can train and perform and at the peak of their abilities.