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Education and healthy habits form the foundation of wellness. Our educational services covers a variety of topics including nutrition, anatomy, and dance kinesiology.  


Materials are appropriate for middle school through college-level performers.

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We provide in-person and virtual lectures on wellness topics to schools and dance organizations. These lectures are designed for students from 6th grade through college and provide an excellent supplement to summer training or scholastic dance coursework.

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Anatomy Classes

Intended for high school students, this class will deliver foundational knowledge on anatomy and physiology while making content accessible and relevant for student dancers. The coursework will be primarily delivered online with flexible hours to accommodate students’ schedules.

Reading Books in Library

Resource Library

We maintain a library of print and digital resources including books, magazines, scientific journals, and visual media for loaning to interested members of the dance community. Topics include dance history, technique, movement theory, dance medicine, exercise science and sports psychology. If there is something you would like for us to add to our collection, or if you would like to donate books to us, please email us at

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