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Targeted Training
Personal Training
& Pilates

Our training programs supplement in-studio technique classes, developing the body to reduce risk of injury and support artistry.

Sessions build stronger foundations for expression or are aimed at specific performance improvements according to the dancer’s needs.



A classic complement to dance training, Pilates focuses on core stability and lengthening muscles. Sessions may focus on equipment-based exercises or mat exercises according to the dancer’s preference. Both individual sessions and packages are available.


Targeted Training

This 6-to-8-week program targets a specific physical performance goal, such as higher extensions, better turnout, bigger jumps, or improved balance. Measurements are taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the program to track progress. Sessions may include exercises or PT techniques depending on an individual’s needs.

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Personal Training

Personal training sessions are designed to fortify the general fitness skills needed by dancers to perform their best and stave off injury. Sessions include elements of PBT, Pilates, strengthening, flexibility, plyometric, and cardio exercises to provide a broad, whole-body challenge. Individual sessions and packages are available.

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