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Pointe Preparation

Every young dancer looks forward to their first pair of pointe shoes.

Help them prepare with our Pointe Readiness Assessment and Pointe Preparation Workshop


Pointe Readiness Assessment

The Pointe Readiness Assessment is designed to assess important components necessary for successful introduction to pointe work including strength, flexibility, and balance.  Based on the findings, dancers receive individualized recommendations for exercises to do at home.  Guided training programs are also available as part of our Fitness and Training services. If a dancer has more extensive needs, they can work with one of our Physical Therapists


Pointe Preparation Workshop

The Pointe Preparation Workshop is offered in small group sessions and contains education and exercises components.   Anataomy, genearal pointe shoe care and expectations for pointe work are some of the topics covered.  The exercise component teaches young dancers how to physically prepare for the demands of pointe work.

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