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We provide in-person and virtual lectures on wellness topics to schools and dance organizations. These lectures are designed for students from 6th grade through college and provide an excellent supplement to summer training or scholastic dance coursework. 

Lecture Topics Include:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Nutrition for Dancers

  • Preparing to Perform:  Strategies Outside the Studio

  • The Importance of Sleep

  • Beyond Technique Class:  Cross Training for Dancers

  • Needs of the Adolescent Dancer

  • Stress Management

  • Body Image Issues

  • Posture and Alignment

  • Ballet Physics:  Why Technique Matters

  • Mechanics of Relevé

  • Muscle Physiology:  How Muscles Work

  • Working in Turnout

  • Anatomy of the Hip

  • Stretch and Strengthen the Hip

  • All About the Feet

  • Moving from Your Core

  • Safe Stretching

Contact to schedule a lecture at your studio.

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